(The matrix method of expert estimation / The matrix method of supporting marketing decisions)


The "Matrix Method" computer program saves time and means in obtaining prompt and valid solutions.   

By means of the "Matrix Method" computer program realized on the basis of the matrix method of decision making one can solve various problems from various fields of human activity: economics, law, medicine, politics and so on. 

The user formulates the task, its limitations, collects necessary information for its solution, and determines necessary criteria and alternatives. Based on the data the computer program automatically determines the best solutions. 

To obtain valid solutions the user should collect complete and objective information, interpret it correctly and input to the computer program. 

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The solution of tasks on the choice of the best strategies of business, the best banks, investment products, suppliers, markets, products, medicines, personnel selection and so on. The determination of suppliers rating based on a great number of criteria and alternatives; for example, 20 criteria for analyzing 500 suppliers. Thus, the program chooses the best alternatives based on numerous criteria and alternatives. Time and means saving and obtaining valid solutions are the main advantages of the matrix method.

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The "Matrix Method" computer program possesses: 

- human-engineered interface that provides the simplicity of its application; 

- the capacity to process automatically large amount of information that essentially saves time for problem solution; 

- the capacity to present the obtained results visually that allows to demonstrate the best solutions; 

- the capacity to determine ratings of all alternatives that give the user finished solutions.